Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Missoula Montana @ Uni. Montana

Jake and Will and I are in Missoula. Trip is nuts. Broke my Stylus chasing a beaver with Will, got a new P&S with Kohlton and Seth in Seattle. We are making plenty of fires and sleeping terribly (and well) in the van. Heading into Montana more. It's been snowing a lot. We've been eating prunes. They are good. Will ate too many the other day. Oof.

Washington is gorgeous. The Pacific is nuts. We saw the Burl Forest and the World's Largest Spruce.

Over this.



kohlton said...

C'mon mang.

albieish said...

Go to California.
It shits on Washington.

Andrew Snyder said...

Albie Ish is retarded.

albieish said...

Prove me wrong.

Andrew Snyder said...

A - states don't produce fecal matter.
B - states don't have the ability to move themselves above other states to drop said non-existing fecal matter onto other states.
C - California would be baller blocked by Oregon if it even tried such a feat.

albieish said...

States don't per se produce fecal matter, but shit (in this day and age) means a lot more than just fecal matter, and you being a youth would know that.

We now know that the fecal matter is not physical, but in fact a phrase that deems the offended "bad."

And finally, Oregon's exports do not include any sort of "baller."