Tuesday, March 10, 2009

email to caroline

Life has changed so much. My work has taken a turn and I am excited about it. The turn is fueled by introspection and realizations about society and everything I once stood on being pulled out from underneath me. There is more to life than photography and I am exploring those unseen and unknown realms. I am diving deep into theory, literature, and inspections of self by actually spending time in solitude. But often times this seclusion is unavoidable since I have yet to find a social niche here. So I usually just try and capitalize on it. I am also questioning a double major in Cultural Studies. My Social Problems In American Society class in the main catalyst for my ideas in my work. I am pushing the envelope of my life and my work and I am excited about what is ahead.


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you should know sr. that you are always welcomed over at my place and i'm always down to hang out.
just hit me up when ever you wanna hang