Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Introspection

Some recent discussions with Erin have really started provoking some good thinking for the both of us. I think for me the biggest things are my values that I've developed as a young adult that I feel being challenged constantly every day. I'm comfortable in my own skin but now more than ever I find myself a bit squeemish. I feel like I'm constantly analyzing my behavior and thinking. It's important to constantly challenge your opinions and lifestyle though.

I don't think many people realize how naive I really am. What I'm finding (I already knew this obviously but now I am experiencing it first hand) is that it's easy to get sucked into drinking Friday and Saturday night and recovering Sunday and telling those annoying stories on Sunday afternoon to your roommates. I hate those stories. They are a pitiful sign I need to straighten my priorities out. I don't particularly feel that is how I find happiness in myself as a human being. Do I think I should never drink? Whew, not at all. But I don't believe in doing anything in excess concerning drugs, alcohol, etc. I haven't even seen the landscape of South Dakota or been to the end of every train line here in Chicago. I didn't even go ice fishing in Wisconsin yet. What am I doing? How can I drink away my weekend when that's the case. I haven't even met everyone in my apartment above me. The time I did stop my homework and make the effort to go upstairs they were having a party for a Mexican holiday and they had a boatload of tamales and free beer and we talked till 1am. That's what I want. I believe there is a balance for me mentally. I need my school work done, I need to be at those parties hanging out and I need ice fishing and South Dakota. There is a very fine balance necessary for me to continue on in a focused manner to be a well-rounded student, artist and most importantly, a human being.

By the way, I find it interesting how many people look at this blog now. I'm not exactly sure what brought that about but hello to you. I might make jokes like "Oh man, that many people look at this blog? I post pictures of a Nyquil bottle and 100+ look at it" but really it's a nice outlet. I really feel that positive things can be said here.

My brother and I have started making breakfast every Sunday morning. It's seriously great. I really recommend starting a very healthy habit to socialize with a human being on a regular basis.


Summer said...

"I really recommend starting a very healthy habit to socialize with a human being on a regular basis."

I need to set forth on this.

Summer said...

P.S. Your wise words are now embedded on my blog.

Mitchell Cde Baca said...
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Spencer said...

reading that felt like one side of a conversation with you.

Zenza said...