Thursday, February 5, 2009

Late December to January 9th

Jake and I wanted to shoot one night so we drove to Athens, Alabama and he told me stories about fiddlers while I shot. I was motivated to shoot 4x5 after a speech Tyler gave me about how I really needed to keep shooting it regardless of if I shot one sheet a month or ten sheets a day. He figures it shows a certain dedication and demands a respect that smaller formats don't. I ended up really taking to what he said and I only took my large format camera on this beach trip below. I really like the product.

Mitch is Tucker's little brother. He's fourteen. If you brought me back six years ago you would have Mitch minus skateboarding/add music. I had never been looked up to like Mitch looked up to me. Being the youngest of four I understood the trials and tribulations of being fourteen and fighting the world. He often fought my patience but I just didn't take lightly to someone having more energy and love for people than me.

Mitch taught me a lot about myself and I miss him a lot. Keep shredding, Mitch. Ainoprah' , right?

Two days before I was moving Will and Hunt came to Huntsville to hang out with Jake, Diana and I. What was a roadtrip to Auburn, Alabama to visit Diana's professor turned into a sunrise beach trip. We were driving down I-65 and you turn left for Auburn and go straight for the coast and I believe I just spoke outloud, "Hey, do you guys want to go to the beach instead?" The rest of these photographs are from that trip to catch the sunrise seven hours away.

Hunt. We caught this right at sundown right when our roadtrip started. This was 1/15th at f5.6. I set this up terribly fast. The cars bother me so much. I tried to wait till they exited the frame but I was loosing light so so fast.

Diana has been in my life a longtime in many forms. Once I moved we tried a lot of things to maintain our relationship but after some tough decisions that I never wanted to make I cut things off. Everything happens for a reason.

Reineke Dijsktra, si?

Jake Deshazo used to work at a catfish farm. He skinned catfish and shoveled horse shit all day and he often tells me how much he misses it. He is now van-tripping the United States for two months. He should be out of Texas and getting over into Arizona by now.

Diana has been a friend and girlfriend but honestly she has been the most gorgeous person to ever been in front of my lens.


Andrew Snyder said...

My favorite post of yours without a doubt. Beautiful photography, Peter.

dr.brown said...

i love all of those

Bryant Thompson said...

The picture of hunt: If August Sander would of lived to the 20th century, quit b/w and shot color, and cars messed up his shot. Thats what that is

Anonymous said...

By far my favorite work of yours, looking forward to more!