Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I was watching this couple on the train and she was eating Jalapeno Cheetos. The only thought I had was how her breath smells. A week later I saw her through the train window eating Jalapeno Cheetos by herself.

I was standing on the platform and I was facing the tracks. A city worker stood to my left and a McDonalds employee with a backpack gently moved in a circle waiting for her train. I kept staring forward. People across the tracks look to and from. Their heads turn to look up the tracks the wrong way and smoothly roll the other way to see what train is next. A small black form slides up the roof about their platform. The reflection of a plane moves vertically up the roof.

The man seemed content in his world. Science fiction was lending it's hand as an escape from his nine to five. I watched him finish the last page of his book. He closed the back cover against the last page before he raised his chin. Welcome back, sir. We've missed you.