Thursday, February 26, 2009

A couple things I know.

+ If I didn't go to school for photography I would never know what could have happened with photography. Just like soccer. I hurt myself. I had "potential". Now I wonder all of the time what could soccer have done for me.

+ If I was stuck writing papers all day instead of busting my ass printing or shooting I would realize the mistake I had made.

+ At one point while I was stuck at home in Huntsville last semester I realized photography was the one thing I actually loved and have loved. I.E. I printed from 10:30am till 10pm last Thursday. I wouldn't even skateboard that long. I wouldn't even watch Lawrence Malick films that long.

+ I really really enjoy my Social Problems In American Society class. So next semester I can NOT take 9 credit hours of photo and dial that down while dialing up another humanities course. That will increase my intake of non-studio courses and allow me to focus a bit more energy on one or two photo classes. Plus, there is a lot more than photography that I'm interested in. It's time to start exploring those areas.

+ Undergrad is undergrad. Every program has it's idiots. Every program has it's downsides. I admire the faculty here. The facilities are good. And I like Chicago.

So Pete, stay put, hold your damn horses. Finish something or else you'll never finish it.


kohlton said...
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kohlton said...

Yes! Keep at it, sir!