Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Also. Some teacher was scanning all of these monographs last night and Stranger Passing is sitting on this very desktop in the lab and I can't figure out a way to efficiently upload 57 pictures somewhere because photobucket needs a flash update and I can't do that on this computer. No portable harddrive on me that has space. Hope it stays around for a bit. She was scanning most of the night through a bunch of great books. I wish I knew where her files were.

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Brit said...

honestly, although it's going to cost you about $24, buying the flickr pro account is worth it if for nothing other than the fact that you can upload as many photos and/or create as many albums as you'd like.

those were the two main reasons I did it.
It's basically my online hard drive that's accessible from anywhere [almost].

either that OR, if you're using fire fox, try accessing photo bucket with safari instead. Sometimes some sites that use flash will work/say the need updating on one and not the other.