Sunday, February 8, 2009


Jesse came over at seven or so Saturday night and we went to this social gathering all the way up the red line. Jesse was leaving at midnight-ish and I decided to stay at this gathering and get to know people and would mingle back when need be. I felt surprisingly more social than I typically do. So I stayed after some support from a couple people in the kitchen as far as a potential place to stay because the pink line closes at 1:20am. We hang till 3am or 4am there and catch the red train back to downtown. We seperate and I go with Rachel to her dorm where I was going to crash on her couch. I come in, sleep next to the screeching mouse wheels in their cage, and my friends of three hours, Gillian and Chris, text me and say they are eating french bread pizzas and watching Orange County. I quickly awoke from my eight minute slumber and walked over to meet them at their place. We watched enough ChiCityMayne for multiple people and eventually Chris left and Gillian and I decide to fugging make it the entire night. Hell, by this time it's 6:25am or so and I had to be up by 8am at the latest. So we walk down to the water and I see the infamous sea wall thing. I just remember Muska doing some sick ass trick on there.

This story sucks. It was much better in person. Basically I didn't sleep and now Paul is coming over in twenty minutes and we are eating canned biscuits and fruit.

Nashville friends, if you are reading this, Takka has met it's match. It's called Skol. I think it's the equivalent and would most likely kill a patch of grass as well.

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