Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pontiac Baby Blue

Ben Treimer called me one night in October. He lives in Nashville and needed a ride home to Alabama and wanted me to come pick him up. Keep in mind Nashville is two hours from Huntsville and the only car I had was my backup old car from 1992. Mom's words, "Don't drive that car out of town!". It's ok. I wanted to visit my friends for a couple of hours and see Ben and adventure a bit. So I go. The trip is flawless through meeting Ben's hot aunt and even Satco. This is until we stop to get gas after eating at Satco with Hunt and Tyler. Then my car won't start at all. A friendly man walking by diagnoses it as the alternator being jacked. So Tyler and Hunt meet us back at the car and we have to push it up this tremendous hill and half a mile down Porter Ave. to Tyler's humble abode. I donated the car to Kars 4 Kids and it was a huge fiasco being two hours away dealing with towing companies, etc.

Thanks to Hunt, Tyler and Ben for pausing to take some photographs. I think it was well worth it after seeing this strip of film.

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