Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Peter Voelker

In 1923 Peter drew the first sketches for the design of a new company which would develop medium format cameras that prided themselves on exquisite optics and design. While traveling to Switzerland with his fiance, Denise Smithenfield, he visited the gas station restroom. While in the restroom Denise lit a cigarette and the gas station exploded. During this tragic accident innocent bystander, Victor, was blown into Peter's car window. When he awoke and realized he had survived the first thing he saw was a sketchbook of Peter's stunning sketches of an evolutionary medium format camera. As a sign from God, Victor took these designs and developed what we know as Hasselblad cameras.

Peter loved swiss cheese, cheese sticks, and Cheeto's. He always partook in the yearly NRA convention in his hometown.

Peter's only remaining work is limited to one photograph of his pre-production designs on the trunk of a car titled "Broken, 2008". This work is not featured in Humble Art's The Collectors Guide To Emerging Art/Photography.

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kohlton said...

i once slowed down too fast in the saab and bent my wlf.