Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The mystery package finally arrived after some persuasion at the post office.

Not Damaged

+ Gitzo Tripod (of course not. It weighs 22 lbs)
+ Most of the contents in the photo box full of accessories
+ Exposed film was safe.
+ Older 120GB harddrive with life's work on it. It was found tossing around the box in the BOTTOM of the box below everything. Crazy thing? It still works.
+ Clarks Desert Trakkers (who cares?)
+ Fallen Cheifs (Once again..)


+ 250GB Western Digital Passport.
+ Spare Ground Glass for Sinar
+ Polaroid 545 Back. (This shows how rough the package was being handled. It broke in this really bizarre way. Like it was dropped on it's side mutiple times)
+ Changing Bag with poked hole. I realized this AFTER I had loaded all of my film into a box from their holders. Hmm. We'll see. It's about a quarter of an inch.

I was at the post office earlier today trying to find it and once they called the carrier they said it was in my hallway. I hadn't been home since Brad's so she told me to call once I saw it was there. I got home to see my tripod poking out of the side and the entire box barely holding itself together. So I call back and tell a kind lady I had just been in the post office trying to find my box. She asked who had helped me and I told her that a lady in white clothing had helped me. She responded, "Oh, that's our manager. Let me put her on." So I get put on hold and she comes back and asks "Was the package insured?" and it was for $1000, yes. She responds, "Oh wow, ok." I love when people instantly start to respect your situation. She instantly put me on hold, told the manager that and came back on the line, "Ok, bring the package in with the damaged items and full retail prices for the items." Sounds good to me! Let's hear it for post offices being skeptical till you tell them they almost ruined a really important box of items by tossing it around carelessly.

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Andrew Snyder said...

Sketchhhyyyy dude. Good thing the most important item was safe. I'd go ballistic.