Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jack "Dingo" Ryan

I was signing up for classes as a freshman and my teacher said, "I'm putting you in 2D with Dingo. You will love him." Needless to say I did and do currently. His class did more for me than any photo class that semester. I will try describing Dingo as an individual but know you cannot fully experience him without meeting him in person.

He is the only man I know so interested in full body work suits and Toyota Toaster Vans. He was an Alaskan fisherman till he received his letter from Uni. Georgia that he was accepted into their masters program. Upon hearing this news he asked, "Skipper! Let me off at the next stop." Stories often cycle about these super majestic trips he took cross country or even flying to Japan to celebrate New Years and then quickly return. He opened my eyes to a ton of things and really took me and others under his wing. He persuaded me to find the money for my first trip to NYC. There I met Richard, Ben, free beer from galleries, and street vendor gyro's. As you possibly can understand these things changed my life. I attribute my happiness and successful freshman year to Dingo. I'm gracious to call him a friend and mentor.

Jack "Dingo" Ryan. Athens, GA. From "Everywhere I've Ever Lived"

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kohlton said...

dude, im so pumped for you.