Friday, January 2, 2009

+ I haven't been looking at much work lately. I love it.

+ She & Him and Why? have been on repeat. I'll admit, I'm a bit late on getting these albums but I'm not sure I've ever been on time with anything in music or photography.

+ I have been scanning this film for a couple days now. It's quite an eclectic mix of work. I loved stacking up rolls. It really allowed me to relax and take life the way it came. I think that's why I am having trouble with sequencing and digesting the work. It's artificially lit, it's beautiful natural light, it's a dog, it's a person. I intend to sit on this work even longer and really soak it in. I plan on organizing work since August. This body does have quite a lot to do with time and the sequence of that time.

+ Patrick gave me There Will Be Blood 2-Disc and there is a documentary from the 1800's in the extras that was filmed for Sinclair Oil. It's amazing. It shows the entire oil process from start to finish. If you can find it, watch it. I tried screenshotting but it wouldn't allow me in the DVD program.

+ I can't wait to pin new stuff on my new walls.

+ It's laundry day.

+ Two strips of film to scan left.

+ I'm stoked. My phone battery lasted three days straight. I should be getting my cell phone rebate soon.

+ I wanted to thank the other couple of people who have purchased prints. I'm not sure you understand how greatly you are influencing my trip and living in Chicago. Thank you dearly. Several prints are still for sale if anyone were to be randomly interested.


kohlton said...

love dese blogingz mang.
glad thangz are going welllll

Lisa said...

And...where might we find these prints?