Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello from Chicago.

+ My roommate Bill is a very welcoming individual.

+ We got some keys made.

+ My room is super cozy. Christmas Eve cozy.

+ I believe I'm sliding over to Paul's apartment tonight to catch some grub.

+ Tomorrow morning is orientation at Columbia College. A bit fast but it's ok.

+ Precision Imaging is three blocks from my house. I have some sheet film I shot on our roadtrip to the beach for the sunrise that I need to get done. I'm excited about the images.

+ I had two backpacks and two huge duffel bags to carry from the baggage claim to the train. It was intense. I was sweating in 19 degree weather. It was worth saving the money for shipping that stuff up though.

+ I was on the plane when it hit me that I was actually moving. I usually don't entirely absorb situations until they are right in my face. I ignored the fact that Diana and I would need to go our seperate ways till about an hour before we had to part ways. I'm not to psyched on leaving that behind but we both are great friends and understand and support each other in our futures. And we both knew that trying some long distance bullshit was not legit at all for our futures. Nor would it be beneficial for our individual experiences in Chicago and LA. God only knows what the future holds for either of us as individuals or otherwise.

+ I need to buy a lamp, dresser and chair from the thrift store.

+ I have a transfer job to Barnes and Noble up 'yonder'. I might take advantage of the instantaneous cash that would provide and then as I move along try and find some more productive jobs. I.E. A lab, MOCP, labtech. You get the flow. I've been pretty interested in fixing cameras as of late.

+ By the way, I need to fix my Pentax 67. That camera treated me so well for three rolls and then something mysterious happened to make the shutter speed dial spin freely. I then tightened the screws on the shutter dial and now the arrow lands between the shutter speeds. 1/1000th is 1/2sec and so on. It's bizarre and not appreciated at all. Those were the sharpest negatives I've shot.

I'll let you know how orientation goes.

If you live in the Chicago area and want to meet up for something really cheap, well, unless you pay, then give me a ring at 256-585-9539 or shoot me a comment or email.

(I'm coming for you, Daniel.)


Summer said...

I'm excited for you, Pete! Tell Chicago I said hello. I miss that city.

kohlton said...


pure excitement.