Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Box that has not arrived yet


+ 15 film holders

+ 45 (?) shts Portra 160NC 4x5

+ 25 Ilford Delta 100 4x5

+ Various accessories

+ Random Flash that works well

+ Flash bracket

+ Loupe

+ Shutter Release Cable

+ One 120GB harddrive with four years of my life

+ Brand new 250GB for the New Year

+ Nice camera bag

+ Gosson Light Meter. Nice, old, rugged. Car equivalent would be a wood paneled Jeep.

+ 6 - 8 shts of film from the beach trip with Diana, Jake, Hunt, and Will.

It's insured but I can't stand loosing film. When all of my equipment was stolen in 2006 I had some film stolen. It leaves a huge question mark. I can still see the images in my head I shot on that film from 2006. Those sunrise beach large format shots will resonate in my head for eternity if something happens to them!

I'm praying.

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Garrett Bartley. said...

I can't believe your even staying this collected and calm. I'd be flipping, regardless of it helped.