Tuesday, December 2, 2008

June 2007.

Always buzzed. White V-neck's. Grandma's house in Summer 2007.

Last night I was diving into the depths of my harddrive and found a ton of photographs I've taken in mirrors. I've always done this. I see it as introspection mostly. It places me in some sort of scene to remember. I guess it's the basic feeling of seeing myself working behind the lens. I love photographs of photographers shooting photographs.

It's a stunning thought to think of what I was thinking and doing in June of 2007 versus now. Just look at my hair, camera, necklace. I remember my brother told me at 17 when I was thinking about my future, "A lot of things change, bro". I never saw myself being where I am today. Change. I love it. I've just realized it will all work out.

Since May I have had my first 'long' relationship end, first wreck, first speeding ticket, and traveled to New York City and Chicago. That's just the tip of the iceberg. I have met so many amazing artists and photographers. I've cultivated some of the most meaningful relationships with human beings I ever have. I've become myself. I'm confronted what I've been told my entire life and asked if it was the truth or whether it was just what I had been force fed. It's raised valuable questions. These questions have formed new thoughts and opinions. I was able to vote in the most important election in nearly a half century.

I think one quote my sister told me is relevant here. "When things are about to change you often visit old memories." I.E. Pete Halupka searching the depths of his harddrive and cultivated a brand new body of work from photographs since this past May. A nostalgic ride through my only year of being nineteen in my life.

I posted this on my birthday, January 22. I am thriving. I am moving forward. I'm anxious and terribly nervous and I love it.

"If you are comfortable, there is a problem"


Garrett said...
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Garrett said...

We share the same birthday, Pete! I've always been interested in seeing people go through their changes of life. This is no different.

Pete Halupka said...

that's sick! get at me on our birthday. cheers!

kohlton said...

great post, good sir.