Monday, December 29, 2008

December 29th

+I've been eating plenty of fudge and peanut blossoms while my family has been in town.

+I assisted Daniel on a W Magazine photo shoot in Nashville this past week. That was a good experience. He bought me a beer and won my heart.

+ Lost in Canton has been on repeat

+ I have successfully saved a sum of money for Chicago that will get me moved in. Past that? Probably going to be stretching it.

+ I received quite the array of cold weather clothing. I'm as ready as I'll ever be. It's t-shirt weather down here. I'm not sure it's ever been like this before. Except for the last day of fourth grade before Christmas break.. I remember.

+ I love statistics. Straight up. Almanacs, surveys, world records. So I set up the little map to the right of this on the main page. I need to spread the word to Asia and Africa. I need some readers in South Africa. Let's get to it Pieter Hugo.

+ Recently I've been getting super anxious about moving. I booked my flight for January 11th. I'll be in Chicago at 12:20pm. I am shipping my life up in boxes. I will certainly be consolidating my clothing. I'm nervous about classes especially. Looking at some book making classes, paper making. There is also a class focused on the art of the monograph. The design and history of photo books. Sickening. But most of all I want to sharpen my post process and printing skills. And of course meeting some photographers who I've looked up to for a long time now who will soon become my professors. Surreal.

+ The past two months I've been shooting and shooting. I didn't drop off my film roll or two by roll or two this time. I just gathered my film because I couldn't get it to the camera store. So soon I had 4 rolls of 220 and 2 rolls of 120 sitting around. I realized I had been looking at dramatically less work, shooting more, and worrying less. I was adventuring, exploring, throwing rocks at trains and shooting with my Hasselhoff. So let's pray about the 100+ frames I exposed of some of the best memories of my life this past two months. I usually am fine about processing film but I had some issues with the darkslide rubbing some material in front of my film. Also, after loading medium format film for two or three years for some reason I loaded my 220 film backwards? That was jacked and embarrassing. It happens!


Last Day Of Work at Barnes and Noble: December 31st

Hunt Fanelli to Huntsville to adventure/pick me up: January 8th

Hunt Fanelli and I to Nashville for the night/departure: January 10th/11th

Orientation: January 12th

20th Birthday: January 22th

School starts: January 23rd

Things I'm Excited About:

+ Public Transportation

+ The house I'm in

+ Snow

+ Handlebar's seitan


+ "Chicagraphy"

+ Life

+ Trains to Wisconsin/Michigan


A.Mart said...

I usually develop my rolls as I shoot them, but this month I decided to just sit on any finished roll. Without the release a processed roll gives me, I have been shooting three times as much as before.

Good luck in Chicago!

Bryant Thompson said...


BradTroemel said...

Chicagraphy :(

Will Govus said...

benford and i are coming on that photo adventure

Justin said...

The snow will soon loose it's appeal.

deshazo said...

+ free vansporation until january 8th