Monday, November 17, 2008

Brian Sorg's - Davey

Every time I post new work I fear that everyone knows this artist but me and it's not news at all. But it's fine. Because now you just get to soak it in again. Brian Sorg's work motivates me to commit to a project for an extended period of time. Especially his work entitled "Davey".

"I met Davey in October of 2005. He was 13. I have been photographing him, his family, and his friends ever since."

Untitled from "Davey I (2005-2006)"

Untitled from "Davey I (2005-2006)"

Untitled from "Davey I (2005-2006)"

Also these images from Davey II. These struck me the most. Beautiful sequence.

Davey In Doorway 2005. from "Davey II (2007-2008)"

Davey In Doorway 2007 from "Davey II (2007-2008)"

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Summer said...

You're who I go to to discover new artists.