Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jake Deshazo

Jake can be seen in my photographs of this past weekend. However, behind the lens he works equally as well. He was in my high school photography courses and was always a great friend. I hope Jake will kick up a more active Flickr soon and then get a new camera which will in turn get him rolling on gathering bodies of work for a website of some sort. Shoot, maybe this thrift store point and shoot will do. Let's get to it, Jake. You got it, buddy. We are all behind you (ready to kill you if you don't shoot. This is a threat).

The one thing I feel is that Jake has a grasp on what life should be about and this is portrayed in his images. I think Jake should shoot, gather a portfolio, and get shipped off to art school where he can enter that healthy, rich discussion and community. From there I see no limits for him. The funny part is that Jake hasn't shot in a long time, he is failing most of his courses at Uni. Alabama-Birmingham, and cannot understand what the hell is going on in his life. The truth? Jake is an artist and until he can find that community where he is completely understood and can produce work of any medium and magnitude he won't be happy and he will continue to "fail" his courses and feel a certain confusion about his life and humanity that surrounds him. That would explain him wanting to be on top of a mountain away from UAB everyday.

You can view his work here. As well as this location of his train ride to New Orleans.

© Jake Deshazo. Photograph of me at sunrise.

© Jake Deshazo. Photograph of Diana and I at sunrise.


deshazo said...

you are too much - xoxo

diana said...

i knew you guys were screwing