Saturday, October 18, 2008

So as a few people know I wrecked my car. I was living at home in the suburbs of Huntsville in Harvest, AL. I was driving 15 miles to work and school. It was horrible. When I wrecked I asked Tucker if I could stay at his place with his parents. His house is a four minute bike ride from my school and Barnes and Noble. I sleep on his floor on a mattress. In some bizarre way I am glad the car is gone. It is just a car anyways.

Insurance called back and reported that my car was declared totaled. It's a huge financial mishap three months before I want to move. I can still make the move happen if it is supposed to happen. It is just another stick in the spokes.


Summer said...

Hope things work out, Pete. <3

Bonnie said...

get some lights and a helmet <3

Michael Friberg said...

i second the lights and a helmet thing, i have been hit by cars like 5 times, people are stupid. even though it doesnt look as hip to wear a helmet.