Monday, October 20, 2008

This Never Happens

Neilson Tam and Anna Mack stay busy with their school schedules and have and currently are producing great work. I've been keeping a closer eye on them than they probably expect. Their collaborative project is titled "This Never Happens".

"Neilson Tam and Anna Mack are This Never Happens. They are both students at Rochester Institute of Technology and can often be found dicking around on the same brain wave length or eating ice cream in each other's company- or both, at the same time."

© Anna Mack. From "Home". 2008.

I can't say that I agree with naming this work "Home". I think this work is way more than just "home". It certainly narrows the playing field of interpretation for the viewer. This work speaks for itself and I'm not sure such a specific title is really bringing anything positive to the table. However, the exposure and quality of light is stunning. Also, the sequencing brings this work together and conjoining the images was a strong choice.

My favorite? The first column. I can't help but reference this photograph when looking at the dress on the wall. Almost as good but just a little less patriotic. Come on, Anna. How about we get our act together here.

© Neilson Tam. From "Untitled". 2008.

Neilson's work sort of shocked me. I've known Neilson since I was just beginning photography. We were both skate rats on Skateperception (along with Ben Lepley and Zach Shipko). He has always taken advantage of the snapshot and I remember that always creating small skirmishes amongst us at such a young age.

But when I saw these new images I was truly impressed. I mean that.